Hemp Processing Equipment - What is the Best Equipment to Process Hemp?

There is no doubt that hemp is a versatile plant used to produce a long list of industrial and consumer products. Of course, CBD readily comes to mind when many people think of the crop, but its uses go all the way from building materials and textile to biomass energy and other less known applications. […]

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How to Create a Winning Cannabis Cultivation Business Plan

The use of cannabis for medical and recreational purposes has continued to gain rapid popularity, thanks to its legal status in many parts of the world. The industry is currently witnessing a major boost with more people looking to invest in the business. In the United States, the legal cannabis industry recorded a whopping $16 […]

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How Much Do Growers Make Selling to Dispensaries?

You have been following the legal cannabis industry for long and your interest in it keeps growing with each piece of information you find. Cannabis cultivation raises your interest the most in this industry that is estimated to be worth $46.8 billion worldwide by 2025. That's a pretty huge sum which means that professionals in […]

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What is Hydroponic Weed? The Pros and Cons of Hydroponics vs Soil

What comes to mind when you hear the term hydroponic weed? Many people think that it is weed grown by suspending the roots of weed plants into water directly with no growing medium beneath them. But as we will see soon, this is just one of the many ways to grow plants on a hydro […]

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Industrial Hemp Harvesting Equipment You'll Need to Get Started

For a large portion of history, hemp or marijuana has been the top crop cultivated by the human race as it happens to be one of the most beneficial plants to grow in terms of efficiency, cost, output, etc. But unfortunately, in the past century, hemp has faced many challenging factors on multiple fronts such […]

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How to Harvest Hemp for CBD Production - A Step-by-Step Guide

Dating back to thousands of years ago, hemp has always been one of the most useful and versatile crops a farmer can grow. From fiber, fuel, medicine, rope, paper, hempcrete, and biodegradable plastics, the list of products that can be made from hemp is indeed a long one. According to archaeological research, the earliest evidence […]

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Mobile Hemp Decorticator: Hemp Processing Made Easy

Up until the last century, hemp was traditionally one of the most common raw materials used to make a number of products ranging from clothing and textiles to paper and building material. One of the earliest crops, its cultivation is said to have originated in China, dating back to around 10,000 BC, where archaeology found […]

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Extraction, Processing, Properties and Use of Hemp Fiber

When you hear the word hemp, you automatically think of cannabis. Essentially, they are the same plant, so confusing hemp for marijuana is an understandable mistake – but a mistake, nonetheless. Yes, they are both derived from and classified under the Cannabis sativa plant, but hemp is very different from marijuana in terms of chemical […]

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How Much Does It Cost to Open a Dispensary? Everything You Need to Know

Entrepreneurship is one of the most roller-coaster experiences ever as it offers a unique opportunity to birth ideas, create a product, and impact others' lives. However, before embarking on any entrepreneurial pursuit, one must consider the financial implications of taking such a leap into the business world. This article discusses such costings for setting up […]

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How to Start a Cannabusiness: The Entrepreneurs Guide to Cannabis

Yes, your research data is accurate: cannabusiness thrives in a booming industry, and there is massive potential to make lots of money as an entrepreneur in this sector. But your interest must go beyond the initial research as you get into the nitty-gritty of establishing a sustainable and profitable cannabusiness. The term cannabusiness is a […]

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Cannabis Dispensary Business Plan: How to Open a Dispensary

The cannabis industry is going through an exponential growth right now. You might be considering opening up a cannabis dispensary. Before you start doing anything, it’s strongly encouraged that you get started by writing a cannabis dispensary business plan. A dispensary business plan is a critical tool when trying to raise capital. It can provide […]

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10 Steps to Starting a CBD Business in 2020

Before the start of 2020, the projections for CBD sales were high. The world is facing an unexpected pandemic, and with this pandemic, the interest in natural health products has increased. Because of this, it's now a better time than ever to start a CBD business because the year is ripe with growth for CBD […]

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