Seed to Sale

Seed to Sale Software

Nugistics feature-rich and user-friendly Seed-to-Sale software solution is specifically designed to help customers optimize and streamline their cannabis operations with the help of a cloud-based software platform.

Cannabis Seed-to-Sale Software

What is Seed to Sale Software?

A seed to sale system is a software program that tracks the production and distribution of cannabis or its derivative products, from the time they are planted as seeds until they are sold. A cannabis seed to sale system’s main purpose is to provide a unique identifier for each product, which allows it to be tracked at every step in the supply chain: from cultivation by the grower, through processing by the manufacturer, to delivery and sale to customers by retailers.

What are the Benefits of Using Seed to Sale Software?

The primary benefit of a seed to sale system is that it makes it possible for regulatory authorities and law enforcement agencies to monitor the movement of cannabis products throughout the supply chain. This ensures compliance with state laws and regulations. It also provides companies with accurate data about their products, so that they can make better decisions regarding product development and marketing.

Why Should Cannabis Businesses Use Seed to Sale Software?

Seed to sale software helps everyone involved in each of the above processes. With this software, the process is more simplified, and there is a clear goal for each step. Since different plant byproducts, for example, have varying weights and quality, seed to sale software can ensure that there are multiple data collection points throughout the entire process. It also helps ensure compliance with all laws and safety measures and keeps a detailed record of purchases for reporting and compliance with state and local laws. Ultimately, fines can be avoided, and proper conversion rates are established. The supply chain for all cannabis products from their conception to reaching the hands of the customer and dispensary are tracked and traced with this seed to sale system and software.

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