Cannabis Cultivation Software

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Our technology platform makes growing, cultivating and distributing cannabis simpler.

Cannabis Cultivation Compliance

With Nugistics, you will be able to grow your business while staying compliant with local regulations.

Nugistics’ cannabis cultivation software provides tools and insight to help growers manage, grow, and scale their operations. It helps you track inventory, monitor processes, and forecast yields.

Cannabis Cultivation Management Software

Our app helps you track your inventory across all the stages of cultivation – seedling, vegetative, flowering, cloning and harvest. It also allows you to plan and organize your grow room.

Nugistics Cultivation Software Features

Plant Management

Simplify the process of initializing, modifying, and batching projects involving plant propagation and growth

Harvest Management

Track harvest weights and post-harvest packaging, batch, and lot numbers with the system.

Materials Management

You can track the inventory of your grow operation’s raw materials in unlimited rooms and categories.


The invoicing and inventory management system simplifies sales and purchasing processes, eliminating the need to navigate between application screens.

Maximize Yields

Cultivators can maximize their yields by tracking the lineage, nutrient and water intake, and batch-specific yield metrics of various operations.


Our built-in compliance tools help you record harvest weight, packaged weight, and test results of your product and automatically submit the information to state tracking systems.

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Cultivation Software Made Simpler

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Cannabis Grow Software

Our platform provides ERP services to the cannabis cultivation industry, upgrading cultivation businesses from small-scale to enterprise level operations.

End-to-End Inventory Management

Nugistics offers solutions for cultivators of all sizes.

  • Metrc Integration & Custom State/Province Reporting
  • Unlimited Rooms & Personalized Organization
  • Custom User Permissions
  • Custom Reporting Tools & Dashboard
  • At-a-Glance & In-Depth Reporting
  • Calendar & Tasking System
  • Individual & Batch Plant Management
  • Custom Feeds & Treatments
  • Built-In Plant Tags & Package Tags
  • Plant Lineage Tracking
  • Automatic Harvest Yield Calculations
  • Individual & Batch Plant Cloning
  • Last Action Indicators
  • Order Invoicing & Manifesting
  • Real Time Reporting
  • QA Integrations
  • Order Fulfillment
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Multi-Facility Support
  • Trim & Waste Tracking

How Cannabis Grow Software Can Improve Your Business

There are several good reasons why you need a robust cannabis grow software to run your marijuana business. For starters, each state with legalized cannabis has put some requirements in place, requirements that are meant to manage and regulate the industry. In many states, one of those requirements involves buying and installing cannabis seed-to-sale software of some kind.

Now, the software you choose depends on any number of things but, in many cases, the state has a recommended provider and software. This marijuana grow software is meant to collect the necessary data into a central location that both you and the state’s regulating bodies can access to ensure that you comply with state regulations.

Immediately, you can see how having this software can be beneficial to your business. It helps you stay on the right side of the law by ensuring regulatory compliance and helps you keep track of your product from seed to point of sale.

The best part is that grow software often provides multiple features that go into helping you with other business necessities, such as employee management, payroll, and so forth. So, here are several different ways that the right cannabis grow software can help grow your marijuana business, no pun intended.

The Benefits of a Cannabis Grow Software to Your Business

Depending on the kind of software you choose, there are a few inherent benefits that come with installing one. For the most part, much of this software has similar features that tend to perform the same applications, albeit from different angles. Here are some of the key benefits that come with choosing the best cannabis grow software for your business:

1. Streamlines Your Cultivation Operations

You need a way to keep track of crops from seed to point of sale. Crops are most sensitive during the cultivation, maturing, and harvesting phases. With the right kind of software, you will not only be able to keep track of this entire process by having sensitive data such as soil pH and crop needs uploaded to the platform, but you will also be able to document the entire process using images. This can be an important tool when it comes to both regulatory compliance and marketing.

Additionally, the right kind of software will give you invaluable insight into your current yields, advise on how to improve that yield, as well as highlight the most productive period of the growing circle for you to maximize. Here are some other wonderful ways that the right grow software can create insights into the cultivation process and help you improve your business:

  • Genealogy tracking: This helps you track any cross-breeds and shows you the different types of plant genetics in your grow house. This information can help pinpoint which cross-breeds or clones are most potent as well as most economically sound within your niche.
  • Yield forecasting: You can monetize and analyze your usual harvest data as well as cross-breed tendencies to forecast the kind of yields you might get.
  • Monitor and analyze your results: You’re running a business so there’s a good are going to be doing a lot of other stuff while your crops grow. To stay on top of it, you need an efficient way to monitor things like the pesticides used, nutrients applied, watering cycles, lighting, and so on. The data collected sheds light on the practices that are either helping or hurting your yield so you can adjust accordingly.

2. It Streamlines the Processing and Manufacturing End of Things

Today, you can process your crops into many different end products for the market. Whether you want to turn your harvest into edibles, oil, or any other form of in-demand inventory, you can do so but you need to keep track of all this to remain both transparent to your customers and compliant with legal regulations. The right kind of cannabis grow software can do that for you and so much more:

  • Highlight product details: Whenever you send any product into the market, you need to provide your customers with details. With the right software, you can easily input these details during the processing period and include key details such as potency results, ingredients, expiration date, and so on.
  • Keep track of your conversions: Which crops have been converted into oil, edibles, or any other form for the market? You can easily convert your products into multiple by-products and still maintain a well-documented chain of custody.
  • Generate transactional reports: Invoices, purchase orders, and other details are necessary for regulatory compliance as well as your own internal auditing.

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