Cannabis Dispensary Business Plan: How to Open a Dispensary

The cannabis industry is going through an exponential growth right now. You might be considering opening up a cannabis dispensary. Before you start doing anything, it’s strongly encouraged that you get started by writing a cannabis dispensary business plan. A dispensary business plan is a critical tool when trying to raise capital. It can provide … Read more

10 Steps to Starting a CBD Business in 2020

Before the start of 2020, the projections for CBD sales were high. The world is facing an unexpected pandemic, and with this pandemic, the interest in natural health products has increased. Because of this, it’s now a better time than ever to start a CBD business because the year is ripe with growth for CBD … Read more

Managing All The Marijuana Plant Stages with Seed to Sale Software

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Owning a cannabis farming business means more than planting, growing, and harvesting a crop. You will need to know at which stage each marijuana plant is at so that you can track your inventory for both selling and legal purposes. The best way to manage all marijuana plant stages is to use a seed to … Read more

How to Get a Cultivation License in Oklahoma – Everything You Need to Know

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Each state in the US has different requirements for cultivating cannabis. This information is strictly related to getting a cultivation license in Oklahoma. We are going to answer every question you may have that pertains to getting a cultivation license in Oklahoma. What is a Cultivation License? A cultivator, which is someone who will be … Read more

How You Can Start Making Money From Hemp Processing and Farming

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The commercialized processing and farming of hemp were legalized in 2018 when the 115th Congress of the United States passed the Agriculture Improvement Act of 2018. The Agriculture Improvement Act, sometimes called the Farm Act or Farm Bill, now allows farmers to grow and harvest hemp for commercial purposes. According to the National Conference of … Read more

Guide to Choose the Best Seed to Sale Software for Cannabis Businesses

Choose the Best Seed to Sale Software for Cannabis Businesses

The cannabis industry is here to stay. There’s no denying the critical role that the best seed to sale software continues to play in the growth of the marijuana trade. According to Forbes, the cannabis sector is America’s fastest-growing industry. It is projected to create more jobs than manufacturing by the year 2020. In spite … Read more

Ways to Choose the Best Medical Marijuana Software

Ways to Choose the Best Medical Marijuana Software

As things stand today, medical marijuana use is legal in 33 states plus D.C. Another 10 states have legalized it for recreational use. It’s safe to say that the weed industry is poised to take off and become a huge economic player in all of these states. As a business owner in that industry, you need to be well prepared to take full advantage of this smoking situation. One of the best ways to do that is to find and install a robust medical marijuana software for your dispensary.

Quality Management for Cannabis Brands

Quality Management

Also referred to as “Total Quality Management”, quality management is the art of overseeing every task and all activities needed to maintain a desired level of excellence. This often includes certain important steps such as the determination of company quality policy, the creation, and implementation of quality planning and assurance, and, ultimately, quality improvement and … Read more