Best App to Grow & Track Marijuana

Legalized weed has brought about an entirely new ecosystem of related products that are revolutionizing the industry as we know it. Among these innovations are cannabis grow apps and cannabis-related apps. It’s been a long-standing secret that a majority of the golden brains at Silicon Valley believe in using marijuana for a myriad of reasons. Most use it recreationally to relax and get inspiration while others use it medicinally.

The fact that most of the people who are smart enough to create these apps actually use the related products is meaningful in that it gives them a personal insight into what other marijuana uses would relate to and want in an app. However, despite this, there is still a myriad of cannabis-related apps that don’t live up to the hype. Some are downright mediocre or just cheap copies of better, more reliable apps while others are just way too glitchy to be of any use to an avid medicinal or recreational marijuana user.

That said, there are still a lot of very good and highly useful marijuana apps in the market today. Many of these apps give users the right kind of information and convenience they need to fully enjoy their cannabis. Today, we are going to look at several of those apps and why you might want to download a few of them.

The Best Marijuana Apps in the Market for Both iOS and Android Devices

Legalized weed has created a nation, and indeed a world, of consumers. These people all need a convenient way to learn about their favorite herb. To do so, they turn to various apps that provide both information and direction. These apps touch on almost everything from social media to mapping strain DNA and even DIY cannabis grow apps. Here are a few wonderfully effective and useful cannabis-related apps for you to consider:

Leafly: The Cannabis Encyclopedia

Leafly is one of the most popular cannabis apps in the market today. It’s like an online encyclopedia. A middle-man, if you will, that has all the necessary information you might want on weed. Leafly prides itself on being the world’s largest information cannabis resource, and for good reason. It has dominated the space for quite some time now. The idea behind Leafly is to empower users by simply giving them all the information they might need on the different strains of marijuana and associated products in the local market.

When Leafly started, it was just a resource for medical marijuana patients who wanted to learn more about the cannabis that their doctors prescribed and how its use would affect them. Slowly, it grew and blossomed into a kind of one-stop-shop for anyone looking to find out more about cannabis. What sets them apart is that they share real information as is – meaning they cover both the positive and negative side effects of the different strains of marijuana.


  • Easy to use.
  • Available in Android and iOS.
  • Well supported.
  • Regularly supported and updated.


  • It isn’t a seed to sale tracking app for growers.

With their in-depth coverage of all the information on the different strains and cannabis products, Leafly is definitely a cannabis app you want to have on your phone.

WeedMaps: A Way to Put Your Business on the Map

Since it came into existence in 2008, WeedMaps has been steadily growing and increasing its database of locations and information. WeedMaps operates as a kind of Yellow Pages for weed. The database is a behemoth that aims to cover as many legalized weed dealers in as many regions as possible anywhere weed is legal across the globe. It includes dispensaries, delivers services, doctors, and so much more.

The app is easy enough to use. As soon as you open it, you have to share your location so the app can give you results that are relevant to your immediate surroundings. Once it gets properly orientated, the app provides you with a list of all the available registered locations and businesses where you can buy legal weed, whether it be medicinal or recreational.

Furthermore, the app allows you to search its database by-products, location, brands, and more. As if that’s not enough, WeedMaps highlights the best deals in your area and helps you network with like-minded people. It even goes further to provide you with important content such as cannabis-related documentaries, how-to guides – yes, they even have their own WeedMaps TV channel.

To say that the app is thorough and extremely comprehensive would be an understatement. WeedMaps has a review section where users review the businesses and products listed as part of its database. The best part is that the app does not filter these reviews which means you get the cold hard truth. Both positive and negative reviews are all visible to users.


  • It’s easy to use.
  • Highly informative with a lot of useful cannabis-related
  • Has a review option where you can get candid reviews on the doctors, dispensaries and weed sellers in your location.
  • It’s available on both iOS and Android.


  • It does not work for locations where weed isn’t legalized.

With more and more states and countries legalizing weed, you need an app to keep you informed about where to find the best cannabis products wherever you are on the globe. WeedMaps is that cannabis app.

Eaze: The Uber Eats for Cannabis

The cannabis industry has come a long way. From being illegal and considered dangerous to being widely accepted and even orderable via an app like Uber Eats. Eaze, the Uber Eats for cannabis, is a wonderful app to have on your phone for those long lazy days when you just don’t feel like getting up, getting dressed, and going all the way to your nearest weed dispensary.

This is a simple yet genius app that is very closely modeled after Uber or Lyft. You simply download it and register. Whenever you feel like placing an order for your premium weed, you can do so and track the driver’s path as they bring you your preferred cannabis product to your front door. Eaze, however, is not just a delivery service. This app goes a step further and even connects you to a doctor who can prescribe medical marijuana. It even gives you a helping hand when it comes to applying for and getting a medical marijuana card should you need one.


  • Easy and convenient to use.
  • Available on iOS and Android.
  • It does much more than just help with your cannabis deliveries.


  • Only available in the U.S.

Essentially, this is an app through which you can handle all your medical marijuana needs without even having to leave your couch. It’s perfect for patients who have serious pain or mobility issues.

My Canary: The Cannabis Sobriety Test

When was the last time you got so high you couldn’t feel your face? There’s a good chance that happens now and again. Even though there are purchase limitations on most medical cards, some patients still manage to get so high that they can’t safely operate heavy machinery or drive a car. My Canary is an app designed to help you gauge just how high you are and if it’s safe to drive.

Designed and sponsored by NORML, the cannabis activist group, My Canary is a simple yet effective cannabis sobriety test that lets you know just how high you are in the moment. The app is designed well enough and is quite easy to use. To gauge your level of sobriety, it takes you through a series of sobriety tests like the ones commonly used by law enforcement officers for decades when performing field sobriety tests.

The tests include things like balancing on one foot, estimating time spans, memorizing and repeating a series of numbers, and so on. The app then combines your results from all the tests and gives you a score indicating your sobriety. You will either get a red, yellow, or green score in the form of lights. These lights mean the same thing as they do in traffic: red – too stoned to drive; yellow – semi-stoned and might be able to drive…slowly; and green – not too stoned to drive and good to go.


  • Easy to use.
  • Based on the same field sobriety tests used by law enforcement officers.
  • Available for iOS and Android.


  • It only tells you how high you are and doesn’t really stop you from driving even if the test results indicate red.

This app obviously depends on your ability to follow its instructions. It won’t exactly lock your steering wheel or car and it can’t stop you from driving if you want to but you should adhere to the sobriety results as given for your safety.

High There! The Tinder for Weed Heads

Everything is going social now; it’s the new world’s way of interacting with one another. So, it’s logical that there is a social media network exclusively for people who love marijuana. Labeled as the “Tinder of the cannabis community”, High There! is a cute little app that brings together weed heads from all over the world. Being tagged as the Tinder for the weed community makes what this app aims to achieve pretty self-explanatory. It’s a popular dating app for people who are of the same mindset about cannabis around the world, although use is more widespread in the U.S than anywhere else on the globe.

Like Tinder, High There! is location-based and its users simply swipe right or left when they want to connect with fellow cannabis users looking for a romantic connection. The app typically matches users based on their location; however, it goes a step further and offers you matches that reflect your particular preferences in terms of strains, end products, and so on.

The matching criteria are varied. Say, for example, you describe yourself as a “high energy user” based on your preference for Sativa or Indica. You won’t be paired with a user who describes themselves as “low energy”. The same goes for people who like vaping, those who prefer smoking, and those who love edibles.

It goes even further and uses your lifestyle choices, such as being an outdoors person, laid back, foodie, and so on. These descriptions add a different layer of common interests which makes it likely that you will get along well with your match. To make it even better, you can even show your matches what you would like to do when you do hook up: chat, go on a date, or stay indoors.


  • It’s easy to use.
  • It’s exciting.
  • It’s available on iOS and Android.


  • Currently only popular in the U.S.

There are thousands of other cannabis-related apps available on the market today. Some that do much more than just give you information on your preferred cannabis product, dealer, or doctor. These apps are often designed to be useful resources once you have the end product. If, however, you are looking for something that will help you start and operate a grow house, then you will need a robust cannabis grow app. For that, you would have to give us a call.