What is the Best Cannabis Seed to Sale Software?

Cannabis cultivation is a rapidly growing industry, and with it comes the need for efficient and effective management of operations. Seed-to-sale tracking software, also known as cannabis track-and-trace software, is an essential tool for any licensed cannabis business.

Not only does it help with compliance monitoring, but it also provides dispensary point-of-sale functionality and predictive analytics. We’ll take a look at some of the top seed-to-sale tracking software providers in the industry and help you find the best fit for your business.

Whether you’re a seasoned grower or just starting out, this guide will give you the information you need to make the best decision for your cannabis operation.

The Top Seed to Sale Software Companies:

  • Nugistics
  • MJ Freeway
  • Canix
  • Growflow
  • Flow Hub
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Best Seed to Sale Software

Below is a list of companies that offer custom software tailored to cannabis businesses for managing the seed to sale process.

1. Nugistics

Nugistics is an easy-to-use cannabis seed to sale tracking solution integrated with Metrc and Biotrack for cultivators, distributors, and dispensaries. The software helps businesses monitor every step of the production process, from seed to sale, ensuring compliance by tracking all necessary data and streamlining workflow by offering complete tracking and accounting of cannabis operations.

Nugistics provides cultivators, manufacturers, and distributors that are just starting out with a cannabis compliance software solution that enables them to quickly comply with regulations. The company places a strong emphasis on hands-on customer service and offers guidance during the setup process.

2. Mj Freeway

MJ Freeway, a subsidiary of Akerna, is a legacy cannabis software platform similar to BioTrackTHC, both are known for seed-to-sale and government-based track and trace systems.

As part of Akerna, it offers various portfolio offerings that cover the entire market. They operate the state-mandated track and trace system for states of Pennsylvania, Washington and Utah. MJ Freeway has been helping cannabis companies adopt software into their business processes since 2010, and serves as an all-in-one solution for the industry.

3. Canix

Canix is a cloud-based cannabis software that offers a comprehensive seed-to-sale solution for multiple departments. It includes features like automated compliance reporting, business intelligence, live inventory, RFID scanning, task management and production planning.

Suitable for both small and large cannabis businesses, it is known for its ease of use and customizable technology. Built on a cutting-edge tech stack, Canix allows for quick and regular modifications, making it a preferred solution for cultivators, manufacturers, and distributors.

4. Growflow

GrowFlow is an end-to-end inventory management, compliance, and point of sale system for the legal cannabis market. It serves all license types, including wholesalers and retailers, and helps businesses to stay compliant with state regulations. The software streamlines seed-to-sale operations, including inventory management, point of sale, analytics, and state reporting, allowing businesses to sell more product in less time.

5. Flowhub

Flowhub is a cloud-based, all-in-one platform software designed for cannabis dispensaries in the United States that focuses on POS and inventory management, integrating with Metrc to automate state traceability reporting. Its mission is to make legal cannabis accessible to everyone and help licensed dispensaries stay compliant and improve operational efficiency while increasing revenue and expanding operations. It was founded in 2015 and was the first to pioneer the Metrc API integration.

6. Trellis

Trellis is a cannabis seed-to-sale software that helps companies stay compliant and optimize their operations. This cloud-based solution improves business processes in cultivation, manufacturing, and distribution, and includes features such as CRM. Hosted on Amazon Web Servers (AWS), Trellis eliminates the need for clients to maintain their own servers and is suitable for companies of all sizes, both domestic and international.

7. Flourish

Flourish is a powerful software platform designed for cannabis businesses. It offers a comprehensive solution for tracking product from seed to sale, managing operations, and gaining insights from advanced analytics. It was built in partnership with industry leaders to empower businesses to stay compliant and competitive in the market.

8. Cultivera

Cultivera is a vertically-integrated system that provides comprehensive track-and-trace and inventory management software for cannabis cultivators, manufacturers, distributors, and retailers. It allows users to control their supply chain and make informed decisions. The company was founded by a team of cannabis-specific software developers and has grown to serve some of the best in the business. Cultivera’s mission is to offer a simple intuitive interface, with streamlined workflows and easy implementation.

9. Backbone

Backbone is a software solution designed to help businesses streamline their processes and increase profits. The configurable platform can be tailored to the unique needs of an operation, providing teams with the tools and information they need to scale their business. The software helps businesses to visualize and automate their supply chain, stay compliant with regulations, organize their finances, increase productivity, and become more profitable. Backbone also offers the ability to track and model data at a high-level or granularly, allowing businesses to gain insight into the unique aspects of their operations and uncover opportunities for improvement.

10. Roshi

Roshi is a software solution that aims to centralize and streamline inventory, operations, and compliance for cannabis distributors and manufacturers. The company has developed the software from the ground up to meet the unique needs of the industry, while incorporating best practices from FDA-regulated industries.  The software also provides transparency and accountability to regulators, customers, and auditors through full traceability of inventory, including METRC tracking, and reducing costs and streamlining production through automated inventory tracking, and real-time data analytics to optimize operations.

11. Viridian Sciences

Viridian Sciences provides comprehensive business management software for the cannabis industry, with a focus on security and compliance. The all-in-one solution, built on the secure and reliable SAP Business One platform, allows companies to manage and simplify their operations from seed-to-sale. Viridian Sciences is designed to ensure compliance, tracking, automation, and scalability and runs on the same platform that powers 60,000+ businesses worldwide.

12. Distru

Distru’s Seed to Sale Cannabis ERP streamlines operations for Distributors and Manufacturers by providing a unified platform for managing inventory, orders, and customer relations while ensuring compliance with Track and Trace regulations. As a top-of-the-line software, Distru serves over 130 clients nationwide.

13. Floenvy

FloEnvy is a leading software for cannabis cultivation that provides a comprehensive solution for managing cultivation, compliance, logistics, financial, and environmental data. The platform is designed to be simple and intuitive, making it accessible to both startup farms and large commercial growers. FloEnvy has a proven track record, with satisfied clients in 5 countries and 18 METRC states, and is capable of handling the full cannabis supply chain on a global scale.

14. Parsl

Parsl is a technology company that offers a solution to navigate the complex regulations of the cannabis industry. The company provides seed-to-sale tracking software that is compliant with state regulations. Parsl’s mission is to improve communication and data sharing within the cannabis industry by using blockchain and smart packaging technology to provide transparent and secure information at every step of the supply chain.

This technology enables item-by-item tracking from creation to consumption, and provides seamless integration with seed-to-sale software and POS systems, making it easier for cannabis businesses to comply with regulations. Parsl’s goal is to remove obstacles and empower everyone involved in the cannabis industry, from growers and processors to consumers and regulators, to fully realize the potential of the cannabis plant.

15. 365 Cannabis

365 Cannabis offers a comprehensive ERP solution that goes beyond basic seed-to-sale tracking software. The software integrates data and processes across multiple departments and locations, enabling cannabusinesses to efficiently produce, move, and track their products. The software is easily customizable to accommodate the size and type of operation, from cultivators to retailers, and from small startups to large enterprises.

16. Ample Organics

Ample Organics cannabis sales software is tailored to the Canadian market. It enables license holders to track and report every stage of cultivation, processing, packaging, and sales. The software provides access to a comprehensive suite of products that can increase the efficiency and competitiveness of the business.

17. Leaf Logix

Leaf Logix is a seed-to-sale solution that helps you manage your cannabis operation and maintain compliance. It’s used by dispensaries, cultivators, distributors, and processors to provide full coverage from seed to sale. Whether your focus is on retail transactions at a dispensary or on manufacturing, Leaf Logix can help you manage your entire operation.

18. Trym

TRYM is a cannabis farm management software designed for commercial growers. It helps improve efficiency by providing features such as environmental monitoring through sensor integrations, task and team management with custom workflows, and batch analytics and reporting. With TRYM, growers can monitor the environment, manage tasks and teams, and gain insights from data analytics to improve their operations.