What is Biotrack?

BioTrack is a cannabis and hemp compliance tracking software that assists state and local governments with enforcing regulations, collecting taxes, verifying product quality, and preventing illegal cannabis diversion and inversion. The system allows regulatory agencies to view every gram of legal cannabis or hemp throughout the production life cycle. The system was originally developed as a prescription drug and methamphetamine precursor tracking system to assist state government and law enforcement agencies in preventing drug diversion and promoting public safety.

Who Uses Biotrack?

BioTrack is used by cannabis businesses, government agencies and regulators in 38 states, Puerto Rico, Jamaica, Canada, Colombia, Australia, New Zealand, Netherlands and South Africa. The company has processed sales worth $22 Billion+ and has more than 2,200 enterprise locations, 120,000+ trained users and 12 government contracts.

What States use Biotrack?

Biotrack is is the statewide seed-to-sale marijuana tracking system used in Arkansas, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Hawaii, Illinois, New Mexico, New York, North Dakota, Virginia.