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Nugistics, a cloud-based business software solution, offers robust reporting, quick data entry, and allows users to make critical business decisions. Nugistics can be used by people in any office setting because it uses the latest security protocols and gives remote access to those who need it.

 Biotrack Seed to Sale Software 

Nugistrics Software is Fully Integrated with Biotrack

We integrate our software with Biotrack to enable a spectrum of features in purchasing, inventory management, order placement, and customer relationship management.

Biotrack Seed to Sale Compliance

From seed to sale, safety and compliance has never been easier. Our technology is easy to use and delivers an intuitive experience for growers, manufacturers, testing labs and retailers.

Our mission is to provide a simple, efficient and reliable technology platform that helps cannabis businesses succeed.

We offer a complete suite of integrated business tools to meet the growing needs of businesses looking to grow and remain compliant in the evolving legal cannabis marketplace.

Seed-to-sale tracking is an essential requirement in the cannabis industry. States require strict controls over the entire lifecycle of cannabis products from cultivation through sale to consumers. Failure to comply with these regulations can result in costly fines or even criminal charges for business owners.

We are here to help you navigate this new frontier by providing best-in-class seed-to-sale tracking software for every aspect of your business.

Approved Biotrack States We Currently Cover

Personal Service The Customer Support team at Nugistics offers unparalleled expertise in an industry-wide perspective. They have customers’ best interests at heart and are there for them every day of the week!

The Benefits of Using Nugistics as Your Seed to Sale Software Solution

As one of the best and most reliable seed to sale software programs out there, Nugistics has a lot of advantages for those who use it. Here are some reasons why you should install it for your cannabis business today:

  • It links to Biotrack which makes compliance easy.
  • It’s easy to use and even easier to teach to your employees.
  • It has a built-in POS which will help boost your revenues as well as maintain compliance.
  • It has excellent reporting and analytics capabilities.
  • It provides you with a robust and comprehensive inventory management system.

Nugistics is an enterprise-grade software solution that provides seed to sale tracking, reporting, and enterprise resource management tailored to the cannabis industry. Nugistics streamlines seed to sale inventory management while utilizing the latest regulatory compliance tools available. Nugistics can help maximize your bottom line while minimizing your risk of penalties.


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