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In a highly regulated cannabis industry like the one we currently live in, all retailers need low-cost seed to sale software that allows them to perform many activities. For the most part, the system you choose should give you the capability to manage the front-end of things if you own a dispensary. You know, things like processing payments and keeping clientele information well-organized for promotional purposes. That system should also allow for back-end functionalities, like inventory management and comprehensive reporting.

What this means is that the best cannabis retailers need a performance-driven system that gives them powerful data insights as well as tools that enable them to run their business all the while creating a seamless experience across the board.

While there is a variety of such marijuana software in the market today, many try to do too much. It’s not uncommon to find seed to sale tracking software that tries to be a jack-of-all-trades only to end up not specializing in or mastering anything. This is not to say that there aren’t very well engineered systems in the market, only that you need to be very careful about the kind of system you go for if you want to run an efficient and highly compliant cannabis business.

Because each dispensary or marijuana business has different growth projections and targets, finding the right system to support that growth is crucial to ensure it’s coming to pass. As such, every business owner in this industry should look to find a single seed to sale software that fits perfectly into their future business goals. This involves asking yourself a few pertinent questions:

  • What kind of software would best do that for my business?
  • Do I want a one-size-fits-all kind of set up or would I prefer a platform?
  • How much I’m I capable of affording as far as seed to sale software cost?

You will often find that the answer to these questions is a single, easy to use, and highly affordable seed to sale software program capable of delivering most of your needs without compromising quality.

What is Seed to Sale Software?

Before you can comprehensively define seed to sale software and the crucial role it plays in the current cannabis atmosphere, you must first understand why it’s necessary to have such a system. For about three decades now, more and more states, as well as countries across the globe, have been steadily legalizing marijuana use for either medical or recreational purposes.

That steady legalization process is as revolutionary in the market today as the discovery of the internet was a few decades back. Much like the discovery of the internet, there is great potential but a lot of fear and misunderstandings come with it. Because people didn’t quite understand the good the internet could do and were scared of the potential bad that could come from it, most were skeptical. The same is the case with the cannabis industry.

For a very long time, weed has existed outside the law and has been associated with negative behavioral connotations in society. As such, for a very long time, the medical and social benefits of cannabis consumption were misunderstood. Yes, some people abuse weed just like some people abuse prescription painkillers. That doesn’t or shouldn’t be enough to condemn prescription painkillers as “bad for the society”.

What is Seed to Sale Software

Steadily, however, more and more research has come to light about the benefits of controlled cannabis use for both medical and recreational purposes. This has led society to start looking at marijuana in a different light.

The key phrase here is “controlled use”. This means that the final product hitting the market has to meet and exceed several quality assurance standards to ensure public safety. Once governments realized they could help provide high-quality weed to their citizens in a controlled manner, regulatory bodies were developed to oversee that process.

These regulatory bodies came up with laws and regulations to ensure that only the best marijuana reaches the consumer and that the state can track the inventory and income of all industry players to ensure that the market is well regulated. To do that, they needed a tracking system to give them a comprehensive history of each cannabis seed, from the moment it hits the dirt to the moment it’s sold off to a consumer. Thus, seed to sale tracking systems were born.

So, what is A Seed to Sale Tracking System?

Regulators require retailers in the cannabis industry to keep extremely detailed records of their products – and this means extremely detailed, to the letter. For example, if you are a grower who is growing cannabis in one room and decide to move the crop to another room for whatever reason, you need to track and record that movement. If some of your crops are for medicinal use while others are for recreational use, you need to record that and grow them in separate rooms. Now multiply all this activity for a plantation with hundreds of thousands of weed plants. Keeping such records can be extremely cumbersome and prone to human error.

That is where seed to sale tracking systems come into play. The best seed to sale tracking software gives you an easy way to keep the kind of detailed records that regulators require. Here are some of the things that you can achieve with the right seed to sale marijuana software:

  • Ensure compliance: You can keep meticulous records of all your activities pertaining to the growth and sale of your cannabis products through this system.
  • Inventory management: You can easily keep track of all the products you have in your inventory and, through that data, learn which are doing the best in the market and which need a bit more promoting. Inventory management also ensures compliance as most regulatory bodies need retailers to account for every single ounce of weed they have in their backrooms.
  • Production chain management: The best seed to sale software gives you a comprehensive overview of every single seed in your grow house. Our system keeps track of aspects within the production chain such as seeding, cultivation, growing, flowering, harvesting, processing, transportation, and sale.
  • Dispensary management: You need a system that offers you a robust point of sale (POS) so that you can more easily manage your customers, track their overall purchase patterns, and create some kind of loyalty program to ensure that they become return customers.

The best marijuana software is designed to make your life easier as a retailer. It ensures compliance by helping you keep meticulous records as well as reporting to the regulating bodies in your state. Many link to a state-mandated system such as METRC which updates the laws and regulations governing the industry as they come up. Apart from that, they ensure efficiency by keeping track of your inventory and so much more.

Why Marijuana Businesses Need Seed to Sale Tracking Software

Marijuana Businesses

Ideally, the kind of system you choose to help with your marijuana business should allow for customization. It should offer you a wide range of options as far as the facilities or modules within the system itself are concerned. This is important for a few reasons:

  • Every business has its own priorities.
  • Compliance is complicated and needs a comprehensive software.
  • You still need to find ways to boost your productivity and revenue. Having a system that offers you comprehensive data points that can help with analytics is a plus.

That said, here are few good reasons why the marijuana industry and you, as a retailer or stakeholder, need the right seed to sale tracking software:

How Regulators Use Seed to Sale Software:

  • It provides regulators with a chain of custody tracking system. This means that they can keep tabs on everything that goes into the production chain including cultivation practices, pesticides used, lab tests, packaging, transportation and other metrics that they need to track to ensure compliance and public safety.
  • It helps ensure that industry players adhere to extremely high standards of hygiene when dealing with consumables.
  • It helps monitor how much retailers are making to attach the appropriate taxes.
  • It ensures public safety as they can use the data within a marijuana tracking system to do things like tests and recalls when necessary.

How Operators Use Seed to Sale Software

  • It helps operators within the industry such as distributors, producers, and retailers maintain the highest possible level of compliance with laws and regulations as per their state.
  • The best software keeps meticulous records and this helps to mitigate the risk of unintended infractions or oversight that could come about due to human error. As such, operators can run their businesses more efficiently and ensure profitability.
  • It provides them with better insights and data so they can present comprehensive business plans to get funding when necessary.
  • This level of transparency helps to improve a company’s reputation.

How Consumers Benefit from Seed to Sale Software

While it might be in your best interest as a business owner in the cannabis industry to find out the cost of seed to sale software and have the right one installed, you also need to remember that having one is about more than just ensuring compliance and running a tight ship. The best marijuana software has some benefit to your consumers as well as benefits that tie directly into your bottom-line. They include:

  • Your consumers are protected from any contaminated or damaged goods which means they only get top quality products from you.
  • Should you need to make recalls, you can do so quietly and efficiently which means that your consumers never touch compromised products.
  • Your consumers will get to know where their marijuana comes from and that they are buying from a compliant company. This fills them with confidence and makes them more comfortable to buy more products from you. Once they are comfortable, they will have no problem trying out new product lines from you so you can promote and make more sales.

How to Choose the Best Seed to Sale Software?

Choosing the right seed to sale software is more about finding something that fits into your business ambitions and structure more than it is about the money. Of course, how much seed to sale software costs determines your ability to invest in it, depending on the size of your operation. Here are some tips that you can follow when choosing the right marijuana software for your business:

  • Pay close attention to your specific business needs: Is your company more data-driven or compliance-driven?
  • Clearly define your requirements: Make a list of what you need the system to do and, within that list, another that comprises the critical features that make sense for your business.
  • Determine the total cost of owning the system you choose: Some systems are cheap to begin with that only become more expensive when you consider things like support, in-system purchases, and upgrades. Make sure you know how much the system is going to cost you to own and fully operate.

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