Cannabis ERP System

Cannabis is a highly competitive industry where changing market conditions and constantly changing regulations, can leave you unable to focus on your customer. Cannabis businesses can thrive when they use real-time information and processes. With our Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution, you’ll feel the difference.

Cannabis ERP Software Solution


Nugistics is well-positioned to solve the major problems which others have chosen to not address. Using our ERP solution , you will be able to:

  • Manage all of your vendors and customers from a single interface
  • End-to-End supply chain management
  • Multi-warehousing and inventory management
  • State Compliant Track and Trace
  • Product Assembly
  • Real-time reporting

Our platform works hard to help you manage all aspects of your business in one integrated platform, from cultivation and harvesting to retail sales and beyond.

Seed to Sale: Grow, process and manufacture with ease thanks to a comprehensive set of features that allows you to control every aspect of your crop’s performance.

Traceability: Our advanced audit and traceability features are designed to ensure that all of your sales are legally performed, contain detailed information about your products, and keep track of inventory to ensure there is no waste.

Inventory Management: Our inventory control software will let you know when your raw materials are running low, so that they can be replenished before it’s too late! Track inventories for cannabis and non-cannabis materials, as well as finished products.

Cannabis Compliance ERP

We are fully integrated with Metrc and Biotrack to ensure the highest level of compliance with your state’s track and trace system.

ERP Software for Cannabis Businesses


Better understand your plants, track their progress, and look back at what worked, to maximize your yeilds. All the while, staying compliant with the laws in your state.


Acquire products from your vendors and get them to your dispensaries with ease, all while streamlining your processes.


From Extraction and refinement to final product, closely manage your manufacturing process to perfect your end product.


Manage your customers, track purchase patterns, and address their needs. Build customer loyalty with expert service.


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