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Whether you are a cultivator, distributor, or retailer, cannabis tracking software is a one-stop-shop solution to monitoring every step of the marijuana supply chain. By keeping track of all the data, cannabis seed-to-sale software not only offers your business the tools it needs to stay compliant when state regulators come knocking, but it also optimizes your business operations.

With customizable workflows, automated data entry, detailed analysis reports, and integrated CRM modules, cannabis tracking software streamlines all phases of the cannabis lifecycle. You can rest assured that from the moment a seed is embedded in the soil to the moment the finished product gets into the hands of the consumer, the process is efficient, refined, and, above all, compliant with state marijuana laws.

Wondering if the platform is right for you? Here are nine proven ways your cannabis business can benefit from the software.

1. Cultivation Tracking

As per state regulations, growers have to assign a unique identifier to every cannabis plant. This is typically 16-digits recorded onto a microchip that stores all information about a particular plant including:

  • The cultivation techniques used.
  • The name of the strain.
  • Additives incorporated.
  • Any other employee interactions with the plant.

This plant information is then put into a database which is typically a cloud-based server. That way, cultivators and state regulatory agencies can access this information to track the plant progress remotely.

Additionally, the tracking platform helps cultivators forecast and optimize their crops to produce higher yields. The whole process is automated meaning that farmers can also schedule times for pesticide and nutrient applications.

2. Cannabis Tracking Software for Harvesting

Once the plant reaches maturity and is ready for harvesting, the flowers, leaves, and waste matter such as stems also get unique identifiers. These numbers are a subset of the plant’s original identifier and are recorded onto the microchips before they are attached to their respective holding containers. The harvested material is then weighed and tested for potency and the presence of contaminants.

The testing results are uploaded to the cloud database along with any additional information that regulators may require, including:

  • Whether the harvested material will be sold to consumers as-is.
  • If the cultivator will process it into another form.
  • If they intend to send the harvested material to another commercial entity for processing.

Whichever path the materials take, anyone can trace them back to the original plants using the unique identifier assigned to each one of them.

3. Packaging and Batching

At this point, the bulk harvested material may be packaged into smaller retail units and sold to the final consumer. Alternatively, the cultivator might decide to process the material into edibles or extracts.

Either way, they have to package the products and batch them by material-type. This involves assigning unique identifiers related to the original plant for use in the next phases of the plant lifecycle. Derivatives such as oil concentrate or prepackaged cannabis products constitute batched material.

4. Transportation

Before batches of cannabis products are transported to the processing plant, dispensaries, or retail outlets, the law requires that manufacturers and distributors complete a detailed manifest at the point of origin. These manifest reports are filled in and uploaded to the cloud database. Some of this information includes:

  • The origin of the cannabis consignment.
  • The contents of the packaged and batched material.
  • The precise quantities of the shipment in transit.
  • The driver’s credentials to ascertain that the person is authorized to transport the products on behalf of the cannabis company.
  • The details of all the vehicles to be used in the transit of the cargo.
  • Lists of the entire chain of custody until the products get to the final destination.

A robust cannabis tracking system makes all this possible. One of its major benefits is that law enforcement agencies or state marijuana regulators can access these manifest data remotely and in real-time.

5. Point-Of-Sale

Once the cannabis products get to the point of sale, any additional information is recorded onto the microchip and uploaded to the online database. Once again, each product is assigned a new unique identifier.

Thanks to cannabis tracking software, people can trace marijuana cookies, pre-rolled joints, and marijuana extracts like waxes and shatter back to their origins. Some additional ways that the system helps businesses at the POS include:

  • Data entry automation – Using the platform, populating data and metrics such as product weight is done automatically.
  • Loyalty programs and discounts – It automates the process of giving discounts and reward points to regular customers. Users can configure the system to do this based on the date, brand, and/or product type.
  • Built-in CRM – This module allows you to learn about your customers and plays a huge role in creating and deploying highly targeted text and email marketing ads.

6. Customer Information

In addition to assigning unique identifiers to cannabis products, the tracking system identifies the final consumer at the point of sale by generating a unique patient ID number for every customer who is authorized to buy cannabis products for personal use.

The system also supports integration with hardware that facilitates the printing of ID cards for each customer. Businesses can use the system to generate customer profiles and store important information about their customers.

This data goes a long way to improving the level of customer satisfaction which, in turn, increases customer retention rates. The software plays a huge role in helping cannabis businesses generate more revenue than would otherwise be possible.

Some of the beneficial patient information you can collect and validate in real-time includes patient cannabis prescriptions and any sales limitations in force. This mitigates possible marijuana abuse that could stem from the absence of tracking software.

7. Inventory Management

The cannabis industry is here to stay

The cannabis industry is here to stay. It continues to expand with each passing year, increasing the need for businesses to adopt robust inventory management solutions to meet the complex needs of ever-changing marijuana businesses. Any good marijuana inventory management system should be able to:

  • Minimize the capital investment made by business owners by eliminating excessive cannabis stock.
  • Ensure that the inventory required for uninterrupted production of cannabis raw materials or finished products is available.
  • Provide a solid basis for accurate planning of a company’s inventory requirements.
  • Factor in the fluctuations in cannabis demand by growing and maintaining a reasonable amount of safety stock.
  • Reduce the likelihood of incurring a loss due to product deterioration since the product is perishable.
  • Maintain accurate records to safeguard against possible inventory theft and wastage.
  • Decide the optimum time when cannabis stock should be replenished.

With that in mind, you need a reliable tracking system to help you with your business’ inventory management. Here’s why:

  • Since it optimizes the amount of cannabis stock you have, it improves your business’ liquidity. That way, you don’t run the risk of tying up valuable capital in excess inventory.
  • Your customers receive a regular and timely supply of cannabis products.
  • If you are a processor, it protects your company from adverse variations in the delivery time of raw materials, avoiding the disruption of day-to-day operations.
  • You don’t have to worry about incurring losses when excess marijuana stock begins to deteriorate in storage.
  • Businesses can take advantage of market fluctuations in the price of cannabis to stock up when prices are low.

8. Security of Cannabis Products

Security is important in the cannabis industry for two reasons. First, marijuana businesses need to ensure that patient data is kept away from prying eyes. If that information falls into the wrong hands, there’s no saying how it would be used.

Second, cannabis businesses must maintain their customers’ anonymity. The tracking system in use, therefore, needs to uphold the highest safety and security standards available to ensure that a specific company owns the data. Here are three ways in which marijuana tracking systems can help your business safeguard this:

Password Encryption

All passwords are secured using the latest state-of-the-art encryption technology. The decryption process takes place on the server-side. Therefore you don’t have to worry about decrypted password data being written to any local disk.

What happens in the off chance that a hacker is somehow able to access the encrypted data stored in the database? Well, they would also need to be able to access every element of the decryption process to be able to decrypt the passwords.

Without these other pieces, the password is essentially not decryptable. Additionally, web servers are locked down with multiple layers of firewalls, key-based access, and incoming/outgoing traffic whitelisting. It would be very difficult for a hacker to penetrate these layers of security.

Multi-Factor Authentication

Your employees are required to enter their email address along with their business identifier and secure password. To mitigate the potential of unwanted access if a user is compromised, the system integrates a one-time passcode that is required for the user to gain access. The best part about it is this security feature updates every time a company employee logs in.

Database Encryption

Before any cannabis data is transferred to the cloud for storage, it is first encrypted, one of the most effective approaches to data security.

This is because the database content is scrambled in a way that makes it impossible to decipher without a decryption key. No third-party would be able to decipher data and files in the database without a decryption key.

9. Processing and Manufacturing

Compliance is especially important during the manufacturing process of the supply chain. Business owners need to meticulously record all data during this process needs to be meticulously recorded.

This comes in handy later in the generation and issuing of reports to state regulatory bodies as proof that the cannabis business has been operating within the confines of the law. Here’s how the cannabis tracking platform can help:

  • Inventory audit – It keeps accurate track of all your company’s cannabis product conversions to avoid or minimize wastage.
  • Wholesale packaging – It helps you group all products intended for wholesale purchasing. It also generates purchase orders and invoices that are related to specific batches.
  • Conversion monitoring – It is possible to convert a single cannabis plant or its derivative into a myriad of sellable by-products. The system helps you keep track of the complete history of each product up to the end-point of its lifecycle. You’re also able to get a firsthand look into what happens to waste products and follow the stipulated waste management and disposal procedures.
  • Transactional reporting – The system makes it easy and convenient to generate purchase orders and invoices at the simple click of a button.

Using cannabis tracking software, you get deeper insights into your business that you otherwise would never have access to. It pinpoints the areas of your day-to-day operations that could do with some improvement.

Watch Your Business Soar to New Heights

For your business to succeed in this heavily regulated industry, you need to have the right cannabis tracking software on your side. Not only will it track marijuana products from farm to shelf, but it will also optimize every aspect of your operations. That way, your business can compete with other firms on a national scale and you can take it to the next level.

Not sure how to start a cannabis business? Read our step-by-step guide on how to get a marijuana license.



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